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What is BackStopp?

Laptop sales have now overtaken desktops as the worldwide workforce becomes ever more mobile and high speed internet access encourages an increase in home working. At the same time PDAs and mobile phones are getting more powerful, cheaper and increasingly used in business as mini PCs and for sending and receiving information. Whatever procedures an organisation may have in place regarding data security it is inevitable that valuable and sensitive data will be stored on those devices and that data will be mobile. If the laptop is lost or worse stolen can you be absolutely sure that the data will not be compromised?

Statistics on how many laptops, PDAs and Mobile phone are being stolen or lost per year differ widely. It is reported that some 4,973 laptops were left in London taxis alone during a six month period in 2005 (BBC News online – 24.01.05). When a laptop goes missing just how confident can its owner be that the data on it will not be compromised? Backstopp is an ingenious layer of insurance that helps an organisation reach a level of confidence that while the hardware is gone the real value, information, is safely dealt with.

Using either GSM or internet communications methods Backstopp is able to securely delete predefined data contained on the laptop’s hard disk and send a comprehensive report back to the operator confirming its success. Backstopp can locate and destroy all types of data from client records, e-mail and contact files, word processor or spreadsheet documents or even cookies. The value of this data is often not considered until there is the possibility that somebody else has it.

Backstopp is a 24/7 insurance policy that is active anywhere in the world where there is a mobile phone signal. There are some tools that go part of the way to achieving what Backstopp does but they rely on the laptop being connected to the internet, claiming that a stolen laptop is “soon connected to the web”. For Backstopp soon isn’t good enough. The data could well be long compromised by then. Backstopp starts tracing and locating the laptop as soon as it is turned on and deleting the data before the boot sequence is completed.

Recent high profile cases resulted in dreadful negative publicity. Backstopp can turn this on its head and allow an organisation affected by laptop theft reassure its customers/stakeholders/staff etc that effective measures were taken to protect their information and turn negative into positive publicity.

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